Thursday, 19 April 2012


So my dear friend Charlotte has decided to set me a little challenge of sorts; she herself writes a brilliant blog and after reading it I mentioned that I was almost inspired to write my own...resulting in her insisting that I give it a go! Surprisingly enough I’m not sure what to really say (I say surprisingly as generally I’m the one with the strongest opinions and the loudest voice!) but I shall have to try my hand at it as I’m not one to say no to a challenge. Let the blog writing commence!

I suppose I ought to begin with an introduction (it’d be terribly rude not to!); I’m eccentric and old fashioned with an attitude to life that I think probably belongs to the 40s (or maybe the 19th century) despite the fact that I think I would’ve been in the front line of the Suffragettes if I had been born a century ago! I sing and sew and sketch (yes I did spend 5 minutes trying to get some alliteration in there!) in between attempting to study for a degree in Veterinary Medicine and cooking (perfect little housewife that I’m turning out to be...shame I haven’t quite got the cleaning part sorted out). Apart from all this I’m your fairly average teenage girl with a slight obsession for finding my “Mr Darcy” and THE perfect LBD.
Me, myself and the closest thing I have to my perfect LBD!

So if I’m going to keep this up I’m going to have to find something to talk about, which as I’ve said previously is rarely a problem but somehow I’m struggling a little bit! I guess I’ll try giving a little review of what I currently love about my life, whether it’s my new favourite food, shop, fashion, book or music! I suppose that at the forefront of my mind at the moment, what with the arrival of spring is the all important summer wardrobe, and my first port of call has to be, which brings the London markets into your home via the wonders of the Worldwide Web. It has a whole vintage section (heaven!) and even includes a feature that allows you to haggle for certain items of clothing which means you always feel like you’re coming away with a bargain! My most recent purchase was a gorgeous little red floral number that is a tea dress with a slightly Oriental feel to it; perfect for those of us without the legs for short shorts! Whether your wear it with heels and a blazer or dress it down with boots, thick tights and a leather jacket it’s ridiculously versatile and comfortable! I shall have to get a photo of it at some point (I’ll get my fabulous friend Charlotte to take it as she is also rather exceptional with the camera!) to prove how fantastic it is.
There's the perfect hat for every occassion!

Whilst on the point of fashion I think I shall also have to bemoan the loss of hats in our society! Once a staple of every woman’s (and most men’s!) wardrobes these wonderful accessories have disappeared only to pop up occasionally as a brief trend, and are only see en masse at events such as Ascot and Royal Weddings; the hats that often appear do nothing to improve the reputation of this noble head covering (take the infamous pretzel hat at the recent marriage of Wills and Kate!) and don’t even get me started on fascinators! What is wrong with decent beret, or a nice straw wide brimmed hat on a summer’s day? I myself find that I do not have enough hats and really must rectify this situation when I have a bit more cash! So ladies (and gents!) go on and try a hat, even just so I look like less of a wally when I’m the only one wandering round with a trilby on!

Anyway on that note I really ought to think about bed; 2 weeks of lambing and I’m exhausted. I hope my first attempt at a blog entry is acceptable and the grammar isn’t too atrocious. Who knows, there may be a second one at some point!
Tally Ho and Goodnight!


  1. LOVING the first blog entry!! When we have proved our entrepreneurial prowess in setting up a nationwide Mr Darcy Matchmaking agency I feel we should branch out into headwear. While we're at it I think perhaps we should start a campaign to make fascinators, or as I call them 'birdswhohavebeenshotmidflightandmetanunfortunateendarseovertitintosomeone'shead-hats' illegal? Love you, and happy blogging :o) Xxx

  2. Hehehehehehehehhehehehehehe.