Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Farewell to the countryside and hello to London!

I think I'm in love...
I’m writing to you from my really rather messy room in London (I’ve only been in a few days and already every surface is covered in stuff...how on earth does one accumulate so much of it!). Since returning to the capital I’ve found myself swamped with a hundred and one neurological terms so decided that the best thing I could do is to head to the shopping Mecca that is Oxford Street for a little therapy! Needless to say that after an hour in Topshop I left with a lighter purse and a dress for the May Ball that I did not need (it is beautiful though...blue, floaty and with a lace back). It was definitely one of those moments where I knew I had to have it just because I didn’t want to take it off! I did manage to restrain myself for the rest of the trip (it was hard though as there are so many beautiful clothes out there at the moment, mainly lots of little summery dresses in pretty floral prints and linen blazers and the like!).

I’m now facing the consequences of my little trip out as I have a mass of lectures to write up; of course I’m currently ignoring those and writing this instead. I love procrastinating! My other option to avoid is to colour in pictures of brains which I shall probably start once I’ve posted this...yes I think I have regressed to being a 6 year old again.

Of course there's a hat!
Hip flask!
Anyway I did promise to describe Caitlin’s and my adventures at the point to point; for those of you uninitiated with the rural social life this is one of the highlights of the year (well for me anyway) and involves horse racing over jumps with betting and drinking and far too much food! Our attempts at betting weren’t brilliant (it’s a mug’s game anyway) and I hate to admit it but Caitlin’s skills at picking horses were far superior to mine (so much for all this money training to be a vet)! That aside my spirits were kept up by frequent swigs of homemade sloe gin, free wine from the hospitality tent (thanks to my stepsister for getting us in!) and a rather delicious hot choccy avec Baileys...divine! This was accompanied by my mother’s picnic which resulted in me ending up eating so much food that I felt slightly ill, but who can resist homemade quiche, lemon tarts and Caitlin’s and my butterfly cakes! Even better I got to spend the day wearing my Barbour jacket (enough pockets to fit a hip flask, sunglasses and a bottle of wine in...just the essentials!) and a tweed flat cap (hat alert!). Brilliant day with decent weather (even maybe to “sunbathe”) but rather exhausting as demonstrated by the fact that I went to bed at half 6 that evening and did not wake up ‘til 7:30 the next morning!

Think this says just how tired we were...
Just thinking of what else I can bore you lovely people with! I’ve got a TV recommendation for you all actually; much as I hate to promote American sitcoms I have to say how much I’m loving “2 Broke Girls”, all about two very different girls working in a Brooklyn diner trying to find the money to start up a cupcake company. It’s not the most original concept I know but thoroughly enjoyable and for those of you who were fans of “New Girl” it’s definitely the programme to give you that fix of American girlie comedy that we’ve come to crave! Here's a link just to save you some time (knowing how lazy I am, I just assume everyone else is too): http://www.channel4.com/programmes/2-broke-girls/4od .

Hmm I’m thinking time to colour for a while then bed (9am lectures and then work...may even attempt to go and use the gym equipment that we have at uni...I’ll let you know how that goes!). I’m one of these people that can’t sleep unless I’ve read for a few minutes and at the moment my current bedtime reading is “Vet in a Spin”, one of the brilliant James Herriot books. For those of you who aren’t quite as animal obsessed as Yours Truly then you may have missed out on this wonderful series of books, which combine tales of humour, nostalgia and occasional sadness in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Not intellectually taxing and a great comfort read so perfect for just before bed!

So I suppose that’s all from me today! Not sure when I’ll ext get time for this as I need to get my head down but knowing me it won’t be long before I start procrastinating. Ciao!

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