Friday, 20 April 2012

Caitlin, Cakes and Chats ('s nearly alliteration!)

I have a feeling this blog is going to be my main way of procrastinating as I really ought to be packing for uni but instead I felt I’d tell everyone how much I’m loving this sunshine (which is fast disappearing behind a blanket of cloud as I write this...). After two weeks of getting up at 5 every morning I found that I couldn’t sleep beyond half 7 this morning so thought a walk to the village to pick up the newspaper was a rather lovely idea, and, I must admit (shockingly) I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I was rather antisocial by listening to my iPod but sometimes a soundtrack really makes walking up that ridiculously steep hill a little bit easier (although I did nearly start singing and dancing at one point just as a dog walker came towards me; maybe shouldn’t get a label as the village nutter!). Anyway thoroughly enjoyable as it was I did manage to overdo it somewhat and as a consequence have had to go and hunt out the paracetamol to try and soothe my aching legs!

Butterfly cake!!!!!!! <3

A little bit later now and despite still having not packed I am really rather happy as I’m getting to spend time with my old friend Caitlin after an evening of baking and rose wine. Nothing is as satisfying as making chocolate orange butterfly cakes! If anyone fancies having a go at these I used this basic fairy cake recipe from the BBC:, substituting the vanilla essence with orange essence. The icing was more trial and error to be honest but I used a basic butter icing recipe and added melted dark chocolate and cream to it. Lush...although we do both feel a little bit sick from eating too much cake mix and icing!

Listening to the new(ish) Florence and the Machine album with hot drinks now (Caitlin’s occupied herself with a Sudoku while I bore you all with my inane chatter!). This is the first time I’ve really listened to “Ceremonials” and I love it (I fell in love with it at the first song); definitely recommend it if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it. My other obsession of the day has to be Vanilla Redbush tea with honey; normally a dedicated “builder’s tea” drinker (two sugars and strong!) I found myself without teabags during my lambing placement and the dairy student who I was sharing a flat with was kind enough to give me a couple of hers. It’s got quite a subtle flavour and it smells heavenly; it won’t be replacing my daily cups of tooth rotting sugary tea but it makes a nice change in the evening when I need to unwind!

The lovely Caitlin being intellectual and doing a Sudoku...bloody brainy woman!

Anyway I think that’s enough for the evening as tomorrow Caitlin and I are off to the Point to Point. I shall have to do an entry with all our adventures there and lots of photos but for now Goodnight, Sleep Tight and Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!!!!

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