Thursday, 28 March 2013

Visit to the past..

Hear yea, hear yea; I come bearing news of great joy! Here is a most wondrous missive for one and all to read!

Ok, so the whole reason for my attempt at “oldy worldy speak” is that last weekend, the lovely Charlotte and I braved the fantastical world of Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium, where we left the rain and traffic of Shoreditch to travel back to 1381 to prevent the death of John of Gaunt. This was possibly the weirdest way I have ever spent a Friday evening but considering my “eccentricity”, weird stuff is normally the most fun!

Anyway I feel I probably ought to rewind and do a bit of explanation. Obviously we didn’t really travel back in time (unfortunately), but we did get to spend our night in a Victorian Warehouse that had been turned into a rather convincing, medieval marketplace complete with tavern (selling mead and a plague cure), military tent thingy, creepy plague doctor and all other 14th century delights, whilst wearing full on cloaks and attempting to complete a sort of murder mystery. Charlotte and I did give up somewhat on our task of preventing murder (things went downhill after Miss Davey introduced me to a member of the militia as a prostitute in an attempt to extract both information and gold coins) and we were somewhat distracted by the food being sold outside, which included sausages or steak on a pile of salad with lovely wodges of bread and butter (wodge is such a satisfying, if non-existent, word in my humble opinion). We did end up making friends with a chap called Michael, who seemed rather normal at first, but, at the somewhat modern after party he, and his girlfriend, appeared to be some sort of sex pest swingers who kept trying to dance (in a rather saucy fashion) with anyone and everyone; I suppose one cannot assume that anyone is normal when they’re willing to dance around wearing a flowing cloak…
Charlotte and one of the militia!

Prior to this chaos, the luverly Lottie and I had great fun wandering round Covent Garden, which is one of my top destinations in town. We wandered round Joy, a shop that is filled with lots of lovely dresses and fun gifts, were slightly disgusted with the shoes in Kurt Geiger’s sale and finally stuffed ourselves with the rather delicious food found in Paul’s, the upper market boulangerie/restaurant chain. Millefeuilles fraises is too delicious for words!

That was the most exciting thing that happened to me recently anyway! I spent the weekend before feeling somewhat sorry for myself after the disastrous match between England and Wales which resulted in a rather delicate Imogen the next morning; drinking gin and tonic may seem like a wonderful and sophisticated idea at the time, but it is neither ladylike nor necessary to drink it at the same time as the boyfriend and his friends! As a result, I have been rather well behaved for the past couple of weeks, and have actually spent the past few days chained to a desk (well, dining room table), ploughing on with my research project. It’s not finished, but only a few hundred more words ‘til I’ve done my first draft at least! It’s rather satisfying to get that much work done, and with the weather being so dreary, it has at least kept me somewhat occupied.

I suppose I ought to return to my project or go to bed! Easter is fast approaching, and with Mother intent upon feeding (and watering…well wine-ing) the 5,000, I am going to be busy helping with lots of cooking! My priority tomorrow is to attempt a Simnel cake (complete with homemade marzipan hopefully!) and Saturday will be choccy-orange cheesecake day. Goodbye waistline me thinks!

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