Friday, 1 February 2013

Please say that it's Spring in the air?

Hello my lovely Readers! I have been terrible at doing regular entries so I’ve found some time this afternoon to update you all on everything including walking, a kept NY’s resolution and some of my lovely friends! I’ve just returned from brunch (Kentish Canteen of course) with two of them so am feeling rather full (a full English, chocolate brownie and two pots of tea didn’t seem greedy at the time) and disinclined to do anything productive such as work, packing etc.

Anyway the first exciting bit of news is that, for the first time EVER, I, Imogen Wainwright-Jones, have actually kept a New Year’s resolution! I promised in my last entry to attempt a dance class such as salsa; I didn’t quite manage that but I have actually started Zumba and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Not shifted any of the pounds yet but I suppose that stuffing myself with chocolate/ cake/ bread beforehand probably isn’t the most productive way to go about losing weight. Anyway, despite this, if you’re as much of an exercise-phobe as I am then I highly recommend it; it’s actually fun and very few of the people take it particularly seriously (bar that eager one at the front…there’s always one!) I haven’t got any further with any most of the other resolutions but I suppose I have 11 months to become a political and economic linguist! I did also promise to find a second follower which I have somehow managed. I did promise to give Miss Ellie a bit of a mention so I thought I’d actually devote a paragraph or two to both my lovely followers!

For those of you mad enough to have read my blog from the very beginning, you will know that Charlotte is my reason for having started blogging at all! She and I met a few years ago at a choral course where we became firm friends, probably due to the fact that we didn’t seem to take things nearly as seriously as we should and we have mutual obsessions with afternoon tea, period dramas, Colin Firth and vintage clothing! She writes an amazing blog which I highly recommend (although it makes mine look horrendous) and there’s now a follow up here: Anyway she’s ab fab and if we are both unmarried by the time we hit our 40s, I am forcing her to live with me and keeps numerous cats, dogs and goats so we can eat lots of cake and stalk the male “youth”. She also shares my baking obsession, which was reflected in her AMAZING Christmas pressie to me…watch this space for piccys when I actually getting round to balking some of the things in here!

Best present EVER!!

Now my second luverly follower is, as mentioned, Ellie! Ellie had the misfortune of meeting me last year when we started university together. We are both Surrey girls so share a sense of humour that is anti Northern (just to classify…North is anything above the M25…I don’t care if you consider yourself from the Midlands or East Anglia…you’re still Northern!) and have mutual acquaintances which is always useful! Anyway she and I tend to spend the time madly giggling and she, like everyone else, takes the mick out of me lots and lots, but I like to think it’s affectionate abuse!

I don’t want to jinx things but it finally feels like Spring is in the air! I had lots of fun in the snow but I am so looking forward to cracking out the summery skirts and floaty dresses! I’ve had a lot of lovely walks recently in the outbreaks of sunshine including one up to the heath yesterday which cheered me up no end! I also keep dragging my boyfriend out for walks which I’m not sure he appreciates but it gives him the opportunity to wear his new shoes which I hate. Seriously, am I the only one who has a problem with these?!

Jacket! Sorry for the embarrassing "selfie"!

I suppose I really ought to tackle some work although I’d really rather go for a stroll! I shall leave you with a few pics of snow and one of my red jacket that I mentioned in my last entry!
Doggies in the snowww! cute!

London Victoria...waiting for the bus!


  1. I'll have you know the east midlands is not the north!