Monday, 30 July 2012

I'm sorry but it's inevitable...the Olympics have reached my blog!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  And welcome to the eighth instalment of my blog! Now much as I hate to do this to you lovely people I’m going to have to....yes, I’m afraid that I am going to talk about the Opening Ceremony.

Now I must admit I’ve been a bit “Bah Humbug” about the whole Olympic thing...I mean it seems to have messed up travel round town, put up rent (not great for students...although we managed to find somewhere thankfully!) and there just seems to have been a lot of silly spending HOWEVER I must admit that I did find myself a little excited when I found myself at 8pm watching the pre-show with an Italian takeaway and some chocolate (screw the diet!). Frank Turner definitely was a brilliant start in my oh so humble opinion...I love his music but what shocked me was the fact my parents both enjoyed it too (my mother and I are horribly similar apart from when it comes to music at which point, in true maternal style, she will normally tell me to “Turn that racket down!”). Anyway that was good point numero uno for the night! Obviously as a vet student I was very excited by all the luverly animals (I wanted one of the Shire horses!) despite the fact I did worry about them a little bit during the fireworks.

The Mexicans were so colourful!
Anyway I won’t go through the whole show as I’m sure most people saw it (loved the majority of it...bits of it went on too long though!); instead I’ll focus on my guilty pleasure of the whole night which had to be the rating each country during the athletes’ parade according to the men and the clothes (hey, I’m a teenage (just!) girl). Australia, Greece, the States and Italy all ranked high on the male front (I can’t believe I just complimented the’s slightly worrying). When it came to clothing there was certainly a nice, wide variety and despite my adoration of blazers (mine are going to get a thorough airing every time I have an excuse in the next month...and I really need a nice nude coloured one to go with the dress pictured below...if anyone spots one let me know!) I must admit that all the countries with national dress made me smile, especially Bermuda with their shorts (I love that Bermuda shorts are considered acceptable office wear for them!) and Mexico were just so much fun! The low points fashionwise for me had to be the countries that used tracksuits in the parade, whether it was Germany with the pink and blue horrors or our own gold and white atrocities. I know our kit caused some debate amongst my acquaintances but I had to agree with one status I saw of “Did Team GB buy their tracksuits from JD Sports?? Chavtastic”; I’m sorry but I think they looked really sloppy and we ought to be keeping the trackies where they belong: on the track! Considering that Italy had Giorgio Armani and the USA had Ralph Lauren, you would’ve thought that Ms McCartney would have pulled out all the stops! Rant over anyway; after the disappointment of the GB outfits I was so impressed and inspired by the lighting of the cauldron that I almost forgot about the glaring white and gold (almost!).

If someone can find me a blazer to go with this I shall love them forever!!
Well that’s a few of my shallow, slightly boring opinions to the start of the Games! I’ve spent every possible moment running to the TV to watch team GB in the eventing (I’m currently doing a placement at the stables so it’s fun to watch everyone downing tools in order to run to watch); considering we’re currently in a position to win a medal it’s very exciting indeed!

I had loads of other things to include in this I’m sure (like my dog learning to jump out of the first floor window...insanity definitely runs in my family) but as ever my poor little brain has been wiped blank. My lovely ex flatmates (mainly Penny and Alice) are attempting to persuade me to start recording   my blog so they can take the mick even more...I’ll possibly consider it if a few more people start following or whatever you do on blogs but right now it’s a bit of a faff just to give my delightful flatmates extra ammunition against me!!

PS I recently went to see my Dad and Stepmum and was taken out for my first Nepalese meal...absolutely fantastic and I really recommend it! Lighter than most Indian food I've tried but still really flavoursome!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rain...rain...and more rain!

Well it’s been sometime since I’ve written on here! Sorry for the absence but up until recently I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by first year Vet exams and amongst all the revision and stress I’ve unfortunately neglected my blogging duties. I will try and do better this summer...I promise!
I must admit it’s been such a while since I wrote anything that I find myself somewhat at a loss at what to talk about. This disgusting weather has put an end to many of my plans (eg a picnic for my birthday...there is really no where to have a decent indoor picnic in London!! I am going to have to spend some time hunting down indoor activities in town). I could discuss how the umbrella could be this summer’s ultimate accessory but 1) for me they’re not as I spend my whole time forgetting/losing them and would much rather rely on my wonderful Barbour (free hand me downs from family are fantastic...well within reason!) and 2) looking at the weather forecast it looks like we are finally in for some decent weather...time to hunt out my sun hat (I do have a floppy straw hat in my cupboard begging to be worn!) and maybe even the sun cream as I am one of those people who burn on a cloudy day...although actually many people don’t realise how easy that is! I know I oughtn’t to complain about this weather (I do claim to love walking in the rain) but I would love to see some sunshine so I can break out the summer dresses and shorts (or at least a vest top while I’m on placement...farmer tan lines all the way!

One bit of terrifically exciting news is the arrival of a new man in my life...he’s handsome, fun, got big brown eyes...and canine! Yes, much as I wish I was announcing a new human man in my life I must admit that at least the dog doesn’t snore (actually he’s not allowed upstairs at all...maybe that’s the way forward with men in general?). His name is Chaucer (my Mother has a penchant for “unusual” names...but I’ll leave that for another entry if I completely run out of ideas) and he definitely follows in the dog being like its owner stereotype...terribly lazy, greedy and a little bit daft at times...but loveable really!!
The new man in my life...not quite Mr D...but close!
Only a short entry I realise but I shall try and work a bit harder and keep up with entries...hopefully got a treat lined up in that I shall be writing a joint entry with the lovely Miss Davey is we get the hopefully she’ll be able to improve my drivel by making it funny and grammatically correct!!