Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rain...rain...and more rain!

Well it’s been sometime since I’ve written on here! Sorry for the absence but up until recently I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by first year Vet exams and amongst all the revision and stress I’ve unfortunately neglected my blogging duties. I will try and do better this summer...I promise!
I must admit it’s been such a while since I wrote anything that I find myself somewhat at a loss at what to talk about. This disgusting weather has put an end to many of my plans (eg a picnic for my birthday...there is really no where to have a decent indoor picnic in London!! I am going to have to spend some time hunting down indoor activities in town). I could discuss how the umbrella could be this summer’s ultimate accessory but 1) for me they’re not as I spend my whole time forgetting/losing them and would much rather rely on my wonderful Barbour (free hand me downs from family are fantastic...well within reason!) and 2) looking at the weather forecast it looks like we are finally in for some decent weather...time to hunt out my sun hat (I do have a floppy straw hat in my cupboard begging to be worn!) and maybe even the sun cream as I am one of those people who burn on a cloudy day...although actually many people don’t realise how easy that is! I know I oughtn’t to complain about this weather (I do claim to love walking in the rain) but I would love to see some sunshine so I can break out the summer dresses and shorts (or at least a vest top while I’m on placement...farmer tan lines all the way!

One bit of terrifically exciting news is the arrival of a new man in my life...he’s handsome, fun, got big brown eyes...and canine! Yes, much as I wish I was announcing a new human man in my life I must admit that at least the dog doesn’t snore (actually he’s not allowed upstairs at all...maybe that’s the way forward with men in general?). His name is Chaucer (my Mother has a penchant for “unusual” names...but I’ll leave that for another entry if I completely run out of ideas) and he definitely follows in the dog being like its owner stereotype...terribly lazy, greedy and a little bit daft at times...but loveable really!!
The new man in my life...not quite Mr D...but close!
Only a short entry I realise but I shall try and work a bit harder and keep up with entries...hopefully got a treat lined up in that I shall be writing a joint entry with the lovely Miss Davey is we get the time...so hopefully she’ll be able to improve my drivel by making it funny and grammatically correct!!

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