Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent is here!

Hale and hearty greetings to one and all! I wanted to start by wishing you all a “Happy Christmas” as we’ve hit Advent but it’s probably a little early still.  I did spend my evening singing Christmas carols and songs this evening though which has allowed me to vent some of my Christmas spirit!

I ought to be revising for my exam at the moment (pretty sure I’m meant to be revising/ working every time I write this but oh well!) but I’m far too excited for the Christmas Ball next week! Currently busy planning hair, make up, etc and I promise that there will probably be a whole entry devoted to the evening’s goings on (if I can remember them that is) complete with lots of photographs.

I was going to focus this entry on the fantastic evening I had with Miss Charlotte Davey a few weeks ago but before I do so I want to share a couple of rather useful websites that I’ve found! They’ve been brilliant for finding different things to do in town although they may end up in me spending ALL my student loan! and …have fun my lovelies (even better take me with you and we’ll all have fun together).

Anyway back to my fantastic experience with Charlotte. She and I booked tickets to this fantastic looking supper club ( a month or so ago and the date for our evening out finally arrived a couple of weekends ago. We were meant to go and visit the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer exhibition during the day but after I managed to turn up an hour late with a dead phone and a lot of rain, we ended up queuing outside in the downpour for 10 minutes before we gave up and went home for tea, cookies and a nap. Anyway after rushing around getting changed and jumping in a taxi (even the student budget stretches to one when it means keeping our hair dry) we arrived slightly early (40 odd minutes) and huddled under an overhanging wall trying to keep vaguely warm and dry. Help came in the form of two fellow diners who arrived a little early too and who took us under their wings/ umbrellas and ushered us into a nice dry bar nearby for a pre drink! Before we knew it we were tottering back in our heels to the rooftop for our meal and where greeted by a wonderful tent structure filled with heaters, fairy lights, rugs and hot buttered rum! I’m yet to visit the Harry Potter studios to try their version of Butterbeer but this rum concoction was exactly how I’d imagined the beverage when I read the books; it was like cake mix, and Christmas and warmth in one small glass. This was swiftly followed by a mulled wine and spiced cider before we started on what was the most wonderful cheese fondue ever; it’s a miracle I still fit into any of my clothing but even if I couldn’t it was definitely worth it. 

Not an awful lot left in my bowl..

After an ice cream pudding we settled down for another drink and some entertainment in the form of two musicians from Josh Flowers and The Wild. Now I’d never heard of this band but I ended up buying their EP because they were just so fantastic; if you’re into music with a sort of folky feel then this is definitely for you: . There was even an element of audience participation which kept Charlotte and me happy as we got to do a bit of singing! Eventually we dragged ourselves into a taxi to return home where we collapsed in bed. The next morning involved a walk on the Heath and yet more food in the form of a Kentish Canteen brunch! Anyway they’ve just added a few more booking dates for Forza so if you need something to do in January I highly recommend it.

Much improved weather on the Heath!
I’ve got a bit addicted to another blog recently courtesy of Miss Davey too as both she and I rather enjoy food (just in case you hadn’t realised) and I really recommend having a look on here as all the recipes look lovely. Cannot wait to try my hand at some of them!

I suppose I ought to retire to bed (well go to sleep…I’m already in bed) or do some work. There’ll probably be another entry very soon as I want to talk lots about clothes and Christmas and fun things like that but I don’t want to all bore you completely!

PS. I know most of you who read this do so through Facebook but it'd be lovely to get a few more followers... I feel a bit unloved with just the one! 

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