Saturday, 5 May 2012

A week of not enough work and too much play...

Hello all! Been a little while since I last had the chance to ramble on here (well just over a week...) but already I’ve been missing the therapeutic effects of “blogging”. It’s been a busy old week with a couple of brilliant nights out and uni work and attempting to find somewhere to live and unfortunately I can foresee it getting gradually more chaotic!
Me posing in the flat before heading out!

The lovely birthday girl.
Anyway enough of me moaning! Got a couple of things that I feel deserve a mention, starting with another fantastic London bar. A couple of nights ago a few of us ventured out into “the City” for the lovely Alice’s birthday (one of the people unfortunate enough to live with me). We started the night in the brilliant Leadenhall Revolution bar and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights out I’ve had in forever! It was such a nice change to be away from the student scene and to mingle with businessmen who were willing to buy you a drink and just chat...although I did get some rather bizarre compliments concerning my cheekbones and the oh so attractive gap between my front teeth...What was also surprising was that the price of the drinks wasn’t as extortionate as expected; still London prices but we could actually afford a tray of 6 shots (which were all really yummy apart from the Black Jack one). There was a live band when we got there who were also really good and they were followed by DJ (well ish) who refused to play most club songs...a refreshing change! It’s a bar when you can dress up a bit and definitely worth a visit!
I managed to wear these ALL NIGHT...

Living in London in the rain is a little miserable it must be said and I’m definitely craving the fields and woods of home so, in the brief burst of sunshine we had today, my flatmate Penny and I headed up to Parliament Hill to try and clear our heads and to get some much needed fresh air. I haven’t been up there since the snow and it was lovely to see everything so green and springlike so here’s my advice to one and all: next time we get half an hour of sun, get out! Drop that revision and throw that paperwork on the floor and go for a walk because I’m pretty sure that it’ll make you smile (even just a little bit). I don’t know if I’ve said this previously (probably have...I quite often repeat myself) but Spring is probably my favourite season (when it’s not raining). Just watching everything come to life gives me a boost and little things like blossom and bluebells and the like will often result in me walking down the street grinning like an utter idiot.

Trying to think what else I can tell you all about; a week spent doing neurology, virology and bacteriology leads to a very dull Imogen it must be said. I do seem to spend a lot of time indulging in online retail therapy when I ought to be working and my current focus has been on hunting down earrings. I got my ears pierced just after Christmas (and made a right fuss about the whole process...I’m dreading childbirth if I do have children!) and therefore have been after getting new pairs. Topshop has a particularly nice selection at the moment and I shall have to admit to treating myself to this rather sweet pair of pony studs: Call me animal obsessed but they’re ponies, how could I say no!?

Anyway I think I’ve bored you enough so I shall leave you in peace to go to bed and get some sleep ready for lots of lovely revision tomorrow! Bon nuit mes amis and bien dormir (yes, my French grammar is horrific...fat lot of good my AS-level was!)

PS. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference sultana scones...lush! Cup of tea and a film and a couple of these with lots of slightly salted butter, unhealthy but divine!

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